Help - v1.1

Dragon collector RGP is turn based multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Getting started

Move arround map, collect items and battle undead wizards to gain experience, new items and upgrade your units. With each level game gets harder. Some rules and facts about game:

Home screen

Player status can be found on "Home" and "Map" screens. It represents player in-game status and information. Full list of status items and their description:

Unit attributes

Unit attributes can be found on "Units" screen. Here is full list of attributes and their description:


Player has party of units. Every unit has different statistics, equipment and attacks which are displayed if you click on unit image. HP (hit points) of unit is regenerated in 5 ways: with every move (if you have food), with time (small autohealing value, 6 HP per hour), using potions, leaching from enemy in battle and using healing spells. Mana of unit is regenerated same way as HP. If unit HP gets to 0 in battle unit is removed from battlefield. IMPORTANT: unit can't drink potion while in battle.


By moving on map player can attack undead wizards. After attack, screen goes to special tactical map where you can give orders to units. When unit is on the move there will be darkened square on battlefield where you can move unit or select attack and click on enemy unit to attack (there will be red square on units you can attack with selected attack). Units are placed randomly on battlefield at the beggining of battle. Player starts first, but wizard units get turn bonus in their first round. If you lose, player is transfered to town.


Every item is generated randomly:

Game menu

From game menu player can go to various game screens: